Grab hold of Love

Broken are our ways, divisive are our thoughts, strong sense of longing in our hearts, a love that can’t be caught. Picture perfect views of plans, cut straight out of our neighbours perception, when will we learn that I AM is the greatest, the Only way, the Only source, the giver of dreams and straightened pathways, when will we catch on to the hem of His garment and bare our souls to light and not darkness. 

Love is the doctor that fights for your life, while the enemy is the cause for your death. When will we cry after a Heart so pure, not the heart that will strip you of your joy.

Cry with me, “Father, Father, why have You forsaken Me”.. God answers I will never leave you, Oh valued soul, on the cross is where it has all been complete and where my promises to you for generations to come have come true.

Now cry with me, “Father, let Your will be done.”

God isn’t asking us to BE Jesus because we can never physically get on the cross and die for the whole worlds sins. God is inviting us into His family, and when He wants to teach us and help us grow He points to the ways of Jesus, His son, like the proud Father He is when we all come running to Him. Don’t crucify yourself because you’re not getting it right. Just draw nearer and nearer to Jesus that in our newness we can echo His goodness. 

Become like a child before God, so that your heart is open to receive what it is, Our Father is trying to teach.

You are chosen and you are loved đź’•


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