Trying to do Gods job

“Control freak.”

We’ve heard this phrase many times, in many instances for different occasions. Whether you were being delegated to take the dirt out, or how you need to clean the kitchen. Whether you were telling your partner how to dress, what to say, or who to hang out with. We’ve all experienced some kind of “control freak”. Whether it was us doing the controlling, or being controlled.

Have you ever seen a problem, that you knew you had the solution to. And you worked, and worked to try and solve it. If it was a thing, yes it possibly could get solved. But let’s go a step further in trying to solve someone’s heart problems. You’ve lived through a problem similar to theirs and you’ve pulled through, whether you knew God or not. But..  have you?

I believe a problem is only solved when you meet The problem solver. Jesus Christ.

I say this in the confidence of my own life. Taking pride in being one super amazing problem solver. I had problem solving bragging rights, because people around me gave me that badge. But until this week started, I gave my badge up. The pride I had, walking around with my amazing badge, FAILED ME. I failed at my numerous attempts of trying to solve someone’s heart problems for them. I failed to the point of numerously disobeying God with sin being my portion.

I didn’t know pride was ruling my heart instead of God, until me going to God solved MY problem of disobedience. You see, we take what God gives us and if we aren’t careful to empty ourselves of US FIRST, we run, and we run so far away from God that we start relying on ourselves. Which in turn is us, ruling over our own hearts and just holding on to something God gave you that you haven’t sought out and waited on God to show you how to use, and trying to solve the problem in your own strength.

God has instilled gifts inside of us, and HE knows how to use them. Whether you feel solving problems is your gifting, or playing an instrument. It doesn’t matter how insignificant you feel your gift is, you don’t and I repeat you don’t need to add of yourself to try and “make it better”, or to force it to work. Sitting with God, through each season you go through, is Gods preparation to use your gifting for HIS glory. Take your pride out of the equation NOW. Get rid of it, it’s a sick thing the enemy loves using to make us feel better about ourselves. God already says who you are in Him, and frankly that is enough for me. Over enough. I’m super accepted, and super loved and super precious to Him. Live in that completeness. Christ completes you, and makes you whole. You don’t need to add any extra sugar or spice to be accepted by God.

He just wants YOU! ♥️


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