Trying to do Gods job

“Control freak.”

We’ve heard this phrase many times, in many instances for different occasions. Whether you were being delegated to take the dirt out, or how you need to clean the kitchen. Whether you were telling your partner how to dress, what to say, or who to hang out with. We’ve all experienced some kind of “control freak”. Whether it was us doing the controlling, or being controlled.

Have you ever seen a problem, that you knew you had the solution to. And you worked, and worked to try and solve it. If it was a thing, yes it possibly could get solved. But let’s go a step further in trying to solve someone’s heart problems. You’ve lived through a problem similar to theirs and you’ve pulled through, whether you knew God or not. But..  have you?

I believe a problem is only solved when you meet The problem solver. Jesus Christ.

I say this in the confidence of my own life. Taking pride in being one super amazing problem solver. I had problem solving bragging rights, because people around me gave me that badge. But until this week started, I gave my badge up. The pride I had, walking around with my amazing badge, FAILED ME. I failed at my numerous attempts of trying to solve someone’s heart problems for them. I failed to the point of numerously disobeying God with sin being my portion.

I didn’t know pride was ruling my heart instead of God, until me going to God solved MY problem of disobedience. You see, we take what God gives us and if we aren’t careful to empty ourselves of US FIRST, we run, and we run so far away from God that we start relying on ourselves. Which in turn is us, ruling over our own hearts and just holding on to something God gave you that you haven’t sought out and waited on God to show you how to use, and trying to solve the problem in your own strength.

God has instilled gifts inside of us, and HE knows how to use them. Whether you feel solving problems is your gifting, or playing an instrument. It doesn’t matter how insignificant you feel your gift is, you don’t and I repeat you don’t need to add of yourself to try and “make it better”, or to force it to work. Sitting with God, through each season you go through, is Gods preparation to use your gifting for HIS glory. Take your pride out of the equation NOW. Get rid of it, it’s a sick thing the enemy loves using to make us feel better about ourselves. God already says who you are in Him, and frankly that is enough for me. Over enough. I’m super accepted, and super loved and super precious to Him. Live in that completeness. Christ completes you, and makes you whole. You don’t need to add any extra sugar or spice to be accepted by God.

He just wants YOU! ♥️


As much as I want to write about something super amazing, God is prompting me to yield to Him. (Which I’m learning is still super amazing!)

I’ve never really been in a waiting period with God, without actually doing things with others in that time. So this has been the hardest thing of my life. No work to run to everyday, no boyfriend to pass time with, can’t make many friend-dates because of exams, the only things I’m doing is studying to better my future and spending time with God. 

Did you catch that? This waiting period is teaching me to focus and work on myself. It feels selfish, it feels wrong in so many ways, it feels like everyone around me is disappointed in me for not availing myself because I’m available most times.

Besides my thoughts on other people’s thoughts, there are the thoughts running in my head about me having to do more, get out more, me wasting time because I’m ‘just’ focusing on myself. I’ve been so anxious about being by myself that I haven’t been eating properly, been sleeping too much, I’ve been speaking to God about how alone I am, that I’m sure even He’s been waiting for me to look in the mirror and repeat myself just so I can hear how silly I’m being. (Well not really but you catch my drift).

As much as I say I am alone, I have no urges to be around anyone but God. It has been boggling my brain for quite a while, until it hit me. Even though I’ve been speaking to God, I haven’t actually been listening to what He has to say. I’ve been moaning so much, when all I’ve really been looking for was Him. And I have a smile on my face right now, because God has been right with me,  all this time, waiting patiently.

For a whole year I cried to God, asking Him to give me more time to spend with Him while I was still working. And He has answered my prayers now, without me fully realizing it. He is so amazing! This retreat I’m taking with Him (and my books) is allowing me to grow, it’s helping me tune in and get acquainted with His voice. It’s helping me pray about deep issues that need to be dealt with and then forcing myself to deal with them. It is so tough “working on myself” and then you get the guilt that follows, it’s the first time in my life that I’m in this position of focusing on myself. It’s new territory, so I’m getting past the terror of it and I’m living out the promise that says in Gods word to -“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)

I am my biggest blockage of moving forward in my life. Gods plans are set out for me, and I want to live them out. But I can only do that if I yield (surrender) to God and listen to what it is He is calling me to do. Even if I need to wait, as long as I’m waiting and praising God.

It’s never easy waiting for what’s to come, but it’s needed for where God is going to take you next.

If you feel that you need to wait and yield to God, do it. It will be hard, but I can promise you that God will never leave your side. He loves you, so He will work on you, to improve you, to use you for His glory ❤️

Be blessed xo

The Truth will set you Free

So.. I can get saved without doing any physical work or sacrificing things?! Sounds too good to be true! What’s the catch?

Has a stranger popped up, out of nowhere and done something for you? Or, have you stepped out and done anything for a stranger with NO returns?

I’ve met and spoken to many people who can’t wrap their heads around being a sinner and believing that God gives them an invitation to be set free from their sins. You know sin… those things that lay heavy on our hearts, that we hold on to so tightly because ‘sssshh’ no one can know about it. (God knows it all and what is still to come and He still loves you).

It took me years of adding extra, unnecessary mistakes to my life because I said “No God, I’ll carry this sin for You. EVEN THOUGH, it says very clearly in Your word (the Bible) that You sent Your Son, Jesus Christ to live on earth as a Man and then die for ALL our sins and rise again so that we may have life in eternity”. And Yes I said ALL our sins. Every evil thought, every harsh word, every past thing we’ve done (and are not pleased about so we hide it) and every future thing we are still to do. Jesus Christ came and died for all of that mess we made in our lives.

HOW the Truth will set you free, is if you believe.

Down deep in your heart, if you can believe that God loves you that much that He sent His Only Son, to die on the cross for your sins. And you ask Him personally to forgive you for being a sinner (God accepts normal conversations as prayers if you were wondering). Then from that moment, going forward and having faith that God has forgiven you (which He has already), you are set free. Every day going forward, making the decision to live in Gods forgiveness for you and that you wont have to sin anymore.

Having faith in God and believing what He has done for you is what will change your perspective on life, completely. Your spiritual eyes will be opened.

Life still won’t be perfect after that because this life is just temporary. But having Gods help and knowing He is there through everything you go through, is what makes this life 100 times more worth it. God gives our lives meaning.

God loves you and He cares for you, there’s nothing to be afraid of if you want to approach Him. He will welcome you with open arms 😊

God bless xo

Grab hold of Love

Broken are our ways, divisive are our thoughts, strong sense of longing in our hearts, a love that can’t be caught. Picture perfect views of plans, cut straight out of our neighbours perception, when will we learn that I AM is the greatest, the Only way, the Only source, the giver of dreams and straightened pathways, when will we catch on to the hem of His garment and bare our souls to light and not darkness. 

Love is the doctor that fights for your life, while the enemy is the cause for your death. When will we cry after a Heart so pure, not the heart that will strip you of your joy.

Cry with me, “Father, Father, why have You forsaken Me”.. God answers I will never leave you, Oh valued soul, on the cross is where it has all been complete and where my promises to you for generations to come have come true.

Now cry with me, “Father, let Your will be done.”

God isn’t asking us to BE Jesus because we can never physically get on the cross and die for the whole worlds sins. God is inviting us into His family, and when He wants to teach us and help us grow He points to the ways of Jesus, His son, like the proud Father He is when we all come running to Him. Don’t crucify yourself because you’re not getting it right. Just draw nearer and nearer to Jesus that in our newness we can echo His goodness. 

Become like a child before God, so that your heart is open to receive what it is, Our Father is trying to teach.

You are chosen and you are loved 💕